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Josh White

We are very glad to announce the addition of Josh White to our staff.  Mr. White brings a love of the martial arts and a deep desire to help others learn to be their best. He is a native of Harrodsburg, KY and moved to the Cincinnati area just a little over a year ago. He and his wife have 2 daughters and live in the Eastgate area. He will be helping Mr. Cisco instruct until he is fully up to speed on the PMA curriculum and techniques.

Mr. White began his martial arts journey in 2004. Martial arts is a very important part of his life.  As a young child he was bullied. He believes with the right teaching, techniques, and attitude -bullying can be prevented in almost any case.

He trained under Rodney Finn – a kenpo Hall of Famer and 2008/2009 team USA kickboxing coach. Mr. Finn also competed in MMA, kickboxing, point fighting and grappling. In 2009, he received my black belt in Kickboxing under Rodney Finn.

“It is one of my most valued accomplishments and is the proudest moment of my life.” With this new found confidence, he went on to win two world titles in point fighting and grappling, and he began teaching as a first assistant instructor.  In 2014, he opened his own school in his hometown only leaving it when he moved to Cincinnati in 2014.

“I believe with hard work, dedication and respect for yourself and others – anything is possible.”

His love of martial arts has become a lifelong journey for Mr. White, where he still strives to learn something new every day.

We are so pleased to have him join us and invite you to share his love of the martial arts and the journey.

Racheal Cisco

We’re happy to have Mr. Cisco’s sister join us as our newest Junior Instructor! She’s studied martial arts since she was a little girl both attending the same studio Mr. Cisco received his training and receiving private instruction from Mr. Cisco himself.

She is nearing her black belt and continues her training in private.

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