by David Miller

D. Vincent Faris, the Clermont County Prosecutor told Loveland Magazine Friday that he expects the case of Charles Crawford who was arrested for the aggravated murder of his infant daughter to be presented to the Clermont County Grand Jury within the next 30 days. Crawford waived a Preliminary Hearing on Friday, August 5.

Charles Crawford was arrested for the aggravated murder of his infant daughter

Faris said, “The case is still under investigation.” He also said, “We do not have a final autopsy report as of yet.”

Once the case is presented to the Grand Jury, Crawford’s next court appearance will be the following morning according to Faris. “This would be an arraignment proceeding.”

Crawford is locked up in the Clermont County Jail, charged with aggravated murder. He is held under a $2 million cash bond. The prosecutor’s office says Crawford admitted to putting his 4 month-old into the Little Miami river, however investigators have not yet said if they know exactly how Kaylynn Crawford died. If found guilty, Crawford could face the death penalty or imprisoned for life.

On Monday afternoon, August 3,  during a press briefing when the infant was found, Savalas Kidd, Assistant Special Agent in Charge with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations said, “The report that Charles Crawford filed indicating that Kaylynn had been abducted from the Dollar General in Loveland was fabricated. Police said that information Crawford eventually gave them, led police to search the Little Miami riverbank. The dead child was found on private property in the 100 block of Glendale-Milford Road in Miami Township, a short distance east of Remington.

The 24-year-old last resided on Hamilton Avenue living with his grandmother and was not employed. He worked for Time Warner Cable six-months ago


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