David Miller is the Managing Editor of Loveland Magazine

by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – Each morning I sit on our porch at home, listening to NPR and catching up with emails and a first cup of instant coffee. I have a blanket over my legs and feet with a very basic electric heater underneath. Been poking around TikTok too – ouch!

It’s always before the sun rises and I wait to see if it’s gonna be out! The sun always rises but it’s not always out. I’ve ran over to the Farm quite a few times to hop in my car, crossing the Little Miami over to the Works Pizza parking lot in Historic Downtown that not too long ago got a fresh coat of red paint – along with the railroad passenger car attached to the restaurant.

I wanted to get the bright red sun and clouds in a photo along with the iconic red landmark. Finally, yesterday – I think my timing was pretty good because most times I was late for the peak moments.

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