Loveland, Ohio – Beginning Sunday, May 31, childcare providers in Ohio will be permitted to reopen if the providers can meet required safety protocols. Do you have all the information you need if you are returning your child to a daycare provider or choosing a new one? What about day camps?

Here is the FYI on what the providers need to do to comply with the guidelines from the State House.

To assist in the reopening of child care centers, Ohio will use more than $60 million in federal CARES Act funding to provide reopening grants to all of Ohio’s childcare providers, including family childcare, childcare centers, and both publicly-funded and private providers. More information on how to apply will be posted to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services’ website soon.

Governor DeWine also announced that Ohio will fund a research project to study best practices for controlling the spread of COVID-19 in childcare settings. Information gathered from the study will continue to inform childcare regulations moving forward.

The reopening date of May 31 also applies to day camps that can meet required safety protocols. A detailed list of guidelines and best practices for day camps will be available soon at

Click HERE to open in a new tab to see a larger view of these Mandatory and Recommended Best Practices.