by Shanda Gentry

When Loveland’s alarm clocks ring on November 8th all the work that the candidates and residents have put into this election will be done but the work for our city will just be beginning.  Loveland has eight candidates vying to represent us, choosing the right ones is imperative so we don’t go back to where we have been. We have weathered fights over our Loveland Farmers Market, fees charged to vendors working in our city, a recall petition times two of our former mayor, and much infighting amongst the remaining members of council.  

My votes go to Neal Oury, Tim Butler, Ted Phelps and Rob Weisgerber. Transparency, resident engagement, and ethical behavior is a promise from all four and that is imperative for me.  

Rob Weisgerber represents continuity and history to me. Rob has been on council through good times in Loveland and bad and he is the first to admit that decisions made with the greatest intentions sometimes backfire in the long run. His humility and willingness to devote so much to our city along with continuity and history pull a vote from me for Rob.  

Neal Oury represents new ideas but with a great background in Loveland and in management that will be a huge asset to Loveland. Neal has proven his character by his decision to be open with personal hardships he has endured and his neighborly attitude of helping Mark Bersani of Loveland Canoe when their building flooded in March and Neal was right there to lend a hand.  

Tim Butler is an innovator who created the SMAC track and cross country program that has served thousands of girls and boys in the Loveland Area. He is someone who has a fresh approach to city council but is a practicing attorney so following rules and regulations is second nature to him. We need someone on council who brings fresh eyes to Loveland but with a backbone to stand up for what our city needs and deserves and Tim brings that in my opinion.  

Ted Phelps is another existing councilmember, with less time in the seat than Rob, but still brings some consistency of working with members of City staff and residents. Ted is always attentive during council meetings to whoever is speaking, as an attorney he knows that shows respect. My vote for Ted is due to his always friendly and open to opinions even those he doesn’t agree with but he is extremely respectful and throughful in his interactions.  

These four gentlemen will bring a fantastic combination of history with new opinions, attentiveness and respectfulness with a strong backbone to push back when needed, lifelong residents of Loveland and those who have absorbed ideas from other cities, knowledge about rules and regulations in many areas but most important a desire to represent and engage with each other and the residents of our town.  

Join me in voting for Neal Oury, Ted Phelps, Tim Butler and Rob Weisgerber on November 7th.

215 Loveland-Madeira Rd
Loveland, Ohio 45140


  1. These new candidates except Barry Kuhn are just finger pointers so let’s all vote for the best finger pointer!

  2. There is no going back this city government has been in business and they are not going to stop same thing going on just different people with a different approach

  3. What I find interesting is that the author has not given any indication of what these candidates will actually do if elected. Every political candidate out there has promised the ideas of transparency and resident engagement, but I saw nothing of substance being presented to the undecided voter. Rob Weisgerber and Ted Phelps are on council, so are Pam Gross and Steve Zamagias. Tim Butler and Neal Oury are new people with new thinking, so are Andy Bateman and Barry Kuhn. How will this new majority endorsed by the author govern? That is what the voters should be asking.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Ryan Kulik is the Campaign Manager for the Pam Gross election campaign.

    • You need to define your idea of “substance” in order for the rest of us to understand your perspective and claim. Transparency and citizen engagement ARE substantive in a city where past local politicians have displayed haughty disregard for both.

  4. After attending council meetings for nearly 2 years and watching every move our council members make, I can only agree with the writer, Shanda. Thank you for clearly showing readers what these gentlemen will bring to a new transparent and united council for Loveland residents.

  5. Yes. And why? The depth of experience on council plus new faces will give us a well balanced platform to move our city forward in a positive direction and from folks who grasp the concept of what a public servant looks like.

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