CVC member Joe Lauber (left) and CVC President, and Loveland resident, Daniel Cobb (right) receiving Winemaker Magazine’s Club of the Year award in San Luis Obispo, California.

by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – The Cincinnati Vintners Club, including several Loveland residents, won Winemaker Magazine’s Club of the Year for 2022; tops in North America.

2019 CVC Christmas Party. The club gathers each December to celebrate the season and winemaking accomplishments of the previous year. (Provided Photo)

At a June 5th ceremony in San Luis Obispo, California, Winemaker Magazine, announced the Cincinnati Vintner’s Club (CVC) as its 2022 Winemaking Club of the Year. 

The award, which recognizes excellence in amateur winemaking, considers the number of medals won annually by club members in 50 categories. The 2022 international competition, the largest of its kind in the world, evaluated entries from across the United States and Canada and as far away as Sweden.

Mike Grimshaw (left) and Jake Russell (right) loading 1,000 pounds of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes into the CVC’s crusher-destemmer at Bob Vogt’s home in Loveland. (Provided Photo)

In 2022, Cincinnati Vintner Club members won 11 gold, 12 silver, and 13 bronze medals among 1,772 entries as well as recognition as Best in Show in one category. 

This is the first top honor garnered by the club and a recognition of the vibrant, historical wine culture in Cincinnati.  Club president and Loveland resident, Daniel Cobb, further explained, “this is a great honor, not only recognizing the skill of Cincinnati hobby vintners but given the small size of our club, the ability to compete with larger clubs in more established wine regions.”  

The Cincinnati Vintner’s Club was formally established in 1980 among local, amateur winemakers who seek to promote better winemaking through education, experience, and exchange.  The club’s 25 active members meet monthly to further individual winemaking skills and to promote their expertise in the craft. 

The CVC works with other local wine clubs to exchange best practices and to source California, Washington, and Ohio grapes for local winemakers. These grapes are crushed and distributed in Loveland. Members compete actively in support of international, national, and local winemaking competitions including those of the Clermont County, Butler County, and Hamilton County Fairs.

Members compete in club competitions and regional, national, and international winemaking competitions to raise awareness of the hobby. They craft these wines for personal, non-commercial use, and for competitions. Their wines cannot be sold. 

Members share their wines and the experiences of making them in monthly club meetings and at annual picnics and holiday banquets. Each fall, the club facilitates the purchase of premium wine grapes from California, Washington State, and Ohio on behalf of its members and affiliated amateur wine clubs throughout the tri-state area. They receive, crush, and distribute grapes at the home of Loveland resident, Mr. Bob Vogt; about 40,000 pounds per year.

CVC members crushing grapes at the Loveland home of Bob Vogt. The boxes hold 1,000 pounds of grapes and the maroon tubs hold 500 liters of crushed grapes, (Provided Photo)

Cincinnati Vinters Club does not yet have a social media presence. If members of the community are interested in the club, I encourage them to reach out to John Russell at [email protected].  

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