Loveland, Ohio – Resident, Cindy Kessler recently set up her Seeds to Trees booth at Paddlefest. The Ohio River Paddlefest is a project of Adventure Crew, an organization that provides outdoor recreation opportunities to inner-city teens in 24 high schools in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

For seven years Cindy has grown trees from seed, giving the seedlings away – for free – around Loveland. With the help of three friends, over 800 seedlings were given away last year at Starbucks, Mile 42 Coffee, Graeter’s, LaRosa Pizzeria, and Narrow Path Brewery. This grassroots effort is their way of combating climate change, one tree at a time.

Cindy says that It’s easy to feel powerless considering today’s environmental degradation, but this is something tangible that anyone can do, right in their own backyard. If you want to join her project Cindy will walk you through the process.

“If many people, ideally worldwide, grew a few buckets of seedlings, and gave them away within their communities, collectively, we can make a huge impact. As the saying goes, ‘Think Globally, Act Locally,” said Cindy.

Visit the website of Seeds To Trees.

Cindy has “buckeyes in buckets” ready for a giveaway as soon as they go dormant this fall.