(Mayor Linda Cox asked Loveland Magazine to publish this Press Release)

Attached (and copied below) is a press release updating Loveland residents’ on the economic development projects ongoing in our City.  I would appreciate if you’d publish this in Loveland Magazine at your earliest convenience.
Thank you,
Linda Cox, Mayor
City of Loveland


Business Investment is reaching all-time highs in Loveland.  Over $30 million worth of new projects have been committed or made the past year. New businesses, such as Tender Towne Chicken, American Heritage Motors and a drive through Starbucks are coming to Loveland-Madeira Road.  The City, using its Community Improvement Corporation and proceeds from the Hamilton County Development Corporation’s Urban Land Assistance Program grant, purchased and is demolishing the old bowling alley adding a six acre ready-to-build site to the corridor.


Mike’s Car Wash recently opened their corporate headquarters in the Loveland Commerce Park on Union Cemetery Road.  Plans are also underway for the headquarters for McCluskey Automotive to locate in the Center. These two well-known businesses will bring approximately 80 new jobs to Loveland.


Downtown continues to be vibrant with the Loveland Station well under way. According to developer Jim Cohen, they have “exceeded expectations” with the attraction of high profile tenants including Vertical Drop, Graeters, Bella’s Italian Restaurant, Busy Bee Gift Shop, and Casual Pint. The iconic Dairy Whip and Julians completed major renovation this past year.  And everyone who walks into Plaid Room Records leaves with a vintage album or tape and quite likely experiences some really cool live music while they are there.


A 24/7 environment with thriving residences and businesses contributes to a community’s health.   To this end, housing certainly hasn’t been neglected.  In Downtown 94 units are being built at Loveland Station and 40 at the Trails of East Loveland. Initial discussions are also underway to add condominium units in the downtown basin area. These new residents provide a captive audience for downtown shops and restaurants.


All these businesses, as well as the many businesses who have called Loveland home for years, generate new jobs and tax revenues that provide the revenues to continue investing in our streets, parks and other  infrastructure and amenities for our residents.  For example, the 2015 Budget commits to roads the highest amount in approximately ten years. A matching grant from ODNR’s Recreational Trails Program will allow the City to build a pedestrian bridge over the creek at the East Loveland Nature Preserve.


The Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce continues to offer exciting events including truck rallies at the Shopper’s Haven , summer concerts, and one of the most successful 4th of July festivals in our history. Loveland Stage Company offers  top notch theater productions, our Loveland Historical Society continues to chronicle our rich history, and the Loveland Farmer’s Market has grown at it new location on Loveland Madeira Road, across from Kroger and next to Castle Skateland – two more long-time stalwart Loveland enterprises.


As Loveland continues to grow and prosper we are taking steps to plan for and accommodate this growth. The City is currently updating its master plan to serve as a guide for our future growth and development.   Wayfinding signage is also on the way. It will incorporate signs, maps and other graphics to help those travelling to Loveland find parking and destinations throughout Loveland but certainly with an emphasis on the downtown area.  Additional parking will be built later this year on Broadway at the site of the former McCoy Pony Keg due in part to funding through ODNR’s Community Recreation Project Pass Through Grant.


With all this excitement and energy it’s no surprise that Loveland is a desirable choice for families and businesses. Let’s all continue working together to keep the positive momentum up!




  1. While we need a vision for community progress, who will be watching the watchers to ensure fiscal responsibility and no more sweetheart deals for the politically connected?

  2. with apologies to Pete Seeger …..
    Knee deep! Waist deep! Neck deep! Soon even a
    Tall man’ll be over his head, we’re
    Waist deep in the Big Muddy!
    And the big fool says to push on!

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