Loveland, Ohio – City officials announced that the 2015 Road Program may begin work as early as Monday, August 3.

The City’s 2015 Curb Repair and Micro-Surfacing Program was awarded to Barrett Paving Materials, Inc. Roadway repairs, milling, and re-paving will be performed at a small section of Paxton Ave. (bend in road, ending near Legend Way), E. Loveland Ave. (from the bridge near the Nature Preserve to just through the intersection of SR 48, Heidelberg Dr. (from Stockton to Lindenhall), Woodwind Rd. (within City limits), Thistlehill Dr. (within City limits), & the full length of Stockton Dr. Pavement depth repairs will also be made on 3rd St. (from E. Loveland to O’Bannon), O’Bannon Ave., Harper Ave., & Heidelberg Dr. (between W. Loveland Ave. and Lindenhall Dr.). Limited curb replacements have also been completed on Stockton Dr., Heidelberg Dr., and Lindenhall Dr. The estimated cost for this work is $289,200.

Milling and repaving of a portion of Lindenhall Drive is a contingent addition to the 2015 road project. If unforeseen pavement damage below the milled surface of the other resurfaced streets are limited, a portion of Lindenhall Dr. beginning at Lebanon Rd. may also be added to the scope of the project. If the cost of repairing other road damage is extensive, then the potential work on Lindenhall will either be very limited or not done in 2015.

The City of Loveland also received a nearly $90,000 Community Development Block Grant from Hamilton County to contribute toward 90% of the cost of milling and resurfacing Englage Ave., Brown St., Florence Ave., Highland Ave., and W. Main St. (from the east terminus to Cherokee Dr.). The remaining 10% of the cost will be provided through a local match from the City’s annual road maintenance program. Grant stipulations require a separate contract for this work from our annual road repaving contract. A bid opening has been held and the contract was awarded to JK Meurer on July 14, 2015.

Contract documents require completion for both of these projects in mid-August, 2015. Traffic will be minimally impacted by the repairs. Residents living at the streets included in these projects should expect to get a notice the day before the work so they can make necessary arrangements for alternative parking and ingress/egress. Schedule updates will be posted on

For more information about these projects and others in Loveland, contact Cindy Klopfenstein, City Engineer, at 683-1050 or by e-mail at [email protected].




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