by David Miller

Claudia Bow (provided photo)

Loveland, Ohio – These are some photos of the full moon resident Claudia Bow took in May and October. She told Loveland Magazine, “Astronomy is something I became interested in during this past year. I have developed a great love of space and the universe, and have become fascinated with observing.”

This has become a hobby that means a lot to Claudia. She said, “I find comfort in the wonder of the cosmos.”

These photos were taken using a Polaris reflector telescope, a non-digital manual telescope that uses mirrors and lenses only, and an iPhone 12 held up against the optical lens. Claudia said that she edited the color and clarity using the iPhone to get the effects you see here.

“I hope to continue observing and taking more photos of space and all of its wonders,” Claudia said.

She is a graduate of Loveland High School and is a senior at Northern Kentucky University, studying music education. She plays five musical instruments.