“Let’s talk about character, by all means.”

Halie S. Rebeccaschild is the Secretary, Loveland Community Heartbeat Political Action Committee

by Halie Rebeccaschild,

Neal Oury has offered to dedicate himself to the good of the Loveland community though public service as a city council member over the next four years. He has fought to remove those who have sought to exploit our city, selling it off without your input, and for that, he’s facing serious backlash. Many people might not have had the courage to do what he did, standing up to Mark Fitzgerald this year. People are afraid, and we can see why from the character assault on Neal Oury. It takes tremendous character to bravely face down those with very little themselves.

Many people might not have had the courage to do what he did, standing up to Mark Fitzgerald this year.

Now, he’s being accused of hiding financial difficulties he faced nearly a decade ago. Let’s talk about that.

Neal Oury filed Ch 13 bankruptcy years ago and has continued to pay his debts, overcoming a serious financial setback. That’s exemplary! His family has a proven track record of overcoming obstacles. When asked, he has responded with openness, honesty, and humility about a painful time in his life.

Previous life lessons do not necessarily create bad people.

Previous life lessons do not necessarily create bad people. In the case of Neal and Lynn Oury, it’s created warm, compassionate, community-minded survivors whose record of volunteer service in the last ten years right here in Loveland would put most people to shame. They served this community even as they worked to overcome their financial difficulties of the past.

Neal Oury is an honest and humble community-minded, public servant who has overcome challenges, which is exactly what we need leading our city going forward. He’s proven that he has the life experiences and fortitude to lead us out of the mess Mark Fitzgerald and his majority voting block on city council created. More, he’s pledged to give residents a voice by driving neighborhood representation.

I say, bring on Neal Oury for city council. Let’s see what he can do to help move Loveland forward and out of the mess of the last 2 years.

Vote Oury on November 7 with pride!

Best regards to you, Loveland neighbors.

Halie S. Rebeccaschild B.A., M.A. is the Secretary of the Loveland Community Heartbeat Political Action Committee

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  1. Let’s do talk about character. This year I have experienced the best and worst first hand.

    My foray into local politics has made me question why in the world anyone would choose to run for office. But yet in spite of it all Neal Oury stepped up. Why? Because that’s who he and Lynn his wife are, they care about the community the live in.

    For their trouble they have been subjected to amazingly cruel and personal attacks. Loveland deserves more. Tell the remnants of the Fitz 4 no this November.

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