So many people stopped by to see the damage, not to gawk, but to mourn

This photo was taken Tuesday evening at the site of the fire that nearly destroyed two historic buildings in downtown Loveland. Scaffolding was being placed to protect the integrity of the brick facade in preparation for the possible restoration.


Loveland Councilwoman, Kathy Bailey

We all experienced a loss this past weekend with the fire in downtown Loveland. We all feel it personally, because this is the town we love with all our hearts.

So many people stopped by to see the damage, not to gawk, but to mourn.

We all rejoiced at the news that the buildings can be saved. This is Loveland. Everyone of us that calls Loveland and the surrounding area home knows exactly what that means. Like we always do, we will band together, wrap our arms around the building owners, the businesses and their employees, and the residents, and do all we can do to get them through this, and restore that block to all its glory.

It warms my heart, and reminds me why I love this town, to see all the businesses in the Loveland area reaching out to help, and to hear residents ask what they can do and where they can donate. (See this website for information on how to help!).

A shout-out, too, to Chief Huber and our amazing fire department and police department for all their hard work this past weekend.

This is a hard time, but this is Loveland, and with all of us working together and doing all we can to help, we will come through this stronger than ever!


Kathy Bailey is a member of the Loveland Council


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