Quality Soft Serve Ice Cream Since 1955 in Loveland, Ohio

The Loveland Dairy Whip opens daily beginning Friday, March 3 at 2 PM

A family-owned business offering a wide variety of soft-serve specialty desserts.​


A family-owned business offering a wide variety of desserts. Teresa (Flint) Morgan (current owner) got her start at age 11 by bagging hamburgers for her parents, Marian & Jim Flint, which owned the Dairy Whip from 1972 through 1986. We no longer serves food as the “Fifth Wheel Hamburgers“ which was popular in the 70s, however, we are still known for our creamy soft serve ice cream.

We use a high quality soft serve mix and only quality products. While offering the usual vanilla, chocolate and twist cones (with eyes for kids) which can be topped with sprinkles or chocolate/cherry/cake batter dip top, we also offer eight other flavors like Blue Moon, Dreamsicle, Cake Batter. Some of our specialties are Parfay’s and Cyclones with a variety of candy toppings.

The Chocolate Mountain, Reese, Oreo and Black Raspberry Chip are only a few of the favorites. We also have special “Kid Sundaes” We have “Specialty Desserts” like the Hot Fudge Brownie, Strawberry Short Cake, Hot Caramel cake. All have ice cream and a cake from a local bakery.

If you desire one of the classics, we have them too (shakes, banana boats and sundaes).

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