Are you headed to visit loved ones for the holiday season or spending the winter months where it’s warm? If so,  you may be eligible for a seasonal hold on your cable, internet and phone services.

tano-adThis hold will drop your bill to just a small monthly fee and will save you the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting your services.  Depending on your cable provider, the hold could be put in place for as little as one month to a maximum of nine months.

“Ohioans may not know about this program when they’re leaving town for an extended period,” Commerce Director Jacqueline T. Williams said. “We want to simplify the transition from Ohio to their second home and back.”

Cable providers have their own requirements for program eligibility, but generally all require that a customer is in good standing with the company and has no outstanding charges on their account.

You should contact your cable provider to find out more about their rates and requirements.

Ohioans who have questions or concerns regarding their cable service or need assistance resolving an issue are asked to please contact Commerce’s Cable TV Consumer Hotline at 1-800-686-7826.


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