by Walter D. Golladay,
Walter D. Golladay is a Loveland resident and former Marine

Earlier this month, this Loveland resident contacted Loveland City Manager Dave Kennedy and offered to produce a Directory of Pavers adobe PDF digital report for our memorial park. With his assistance, I was given a 48 page City of Loveland paper report detailing the inscriptions of the more than 1,400 + Patriotic pavers in the Loveland Veterans’ Memorial park.

This month, I transcribed most, but not all, of the 1,400 plus Patriot’s inscription information into a new 44 page Directory of Pavers report. This report is now ready to be thoroughly reviewed, corrected and verified for inscription accuracy by Memorial Park onsite volunteers, of any age. After the Dire

Inscribed pavers at Loveland’s Veterans’ Memorial Park at the corner of West Loveland Avenue and Riverside Drive in the West Loveland Historic District in Loveland.
ctory is verified foraccuracy, a digital PDF copy of the report will be offered to the City of Loveland for placement on their website. The digital file, not an “app” can be downloaded to smart phones and viewed while searching for a Patriot’s paver at the park, or selective pages can be printed before the park visit.

My hope is to have the digital Directory of Pavers ready by Veteran’s Day, 11 November 2017.

If you wish to volunteer, please send an email to [email protected]
Semper Fidelis,
Walter D. Golladay



  1. Since my family and WWII Rangers have bricks here, I would like to help Walter out. If you could put me in touch with him, I would appreciate that.

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