Loveland, Ohio – Here is a Loveland Magazine Documentary. It is a love story of how 27 years ago the Simpson Farm in the West Loveland Historic District was preserved in its pristine beauty and in perpetuity.

Local residents banded together and fought hard to establish a 41-acre conservation covenant that was eventually placed on the Simpson Farm deed.

You will learn how the Drees’ bulldozers and proposed condos eventually lost traction and were steered away from Loveland.

It was a four-year “labor of love” to keep the acreage in the heart of our “Sweetheart City” untouched by human hands so all future generations of girls and boys could fall in love with it as well.

You can win the fight against City Hall and “developers” when precious greenspace needs protecting.

This is a love story. As often happens, love stories often mingle with their nightmares and the familiar sleepless nights. First, the love story though, and perhaps at a later time what the current heartache is.

(You can view the story in a larger size by using the “+” button.)

Here you can watch the accompanying video. Featured are the sights and sounds of the wildlife that resides on the “Farm”. The primary reason for the effort that began 25 years ago was to provide a sanctuary and a peaceful place for the animals you see in this video.

The Restrictive Covenant Establishing the Conservation District

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