Loveland, Ohio – After a long career in the corporate world, Don Tassone again returned to his creative writing roots and again released a new book, Journeys Within. He is the author of two novels and eight short story collections. Don and his wife Liz are longtime Loveland residents. They have four children.

Below is the lead on Amazon where you can purchase Don’s short story collection called Journeys Within that has just been published by Rochak Publishing. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and will soon be sold at Joseph-Beth Booksellers (Rookwood) and The Bookmatters (Milford).


  Journeys Within features an eclectic mix of 30 new short stories. Unexpected events prompt the characters in many of these stories to take a fresh look at their lives and their choices. What they discover sets them on a new path.

    A violin virtuoso whose life has been saved by music is called to share his gift with those caught in a civil war. A chance meeting of a retired woman and a young man, both feeling lost, leads them to re-examine their purpose. Nearly killed in a plane crash, a lifelong bully finds himself at the mercy of others.

    Some of these stories touch on current issues and events. All are stories for our time.


Journeys Within is Don’s eighth short story collection and tenth book. His first novella, The Liberation of Jacob Novak, will be published in 2025.

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