Loveland City Manager Dave Kennedy was given the authority to extend the DORA for 60-days.

Loveland, Ohio – The City of Loveland’s Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA), which previously allowed for the consumption of alcohol within specific boundaries in Historic Downtown only during specified events was modified in May from being in effect only during specified events to being in effect seven days a week from noon to 11 PM.

The modification that went into effect in May was set to expire today.

The DORA allows for the consumption of alcohol within specific boundaries in Historic Downtown.

As provided within the legislation previously adopted by City Council, the City Manager was given the authority to extend the DORA for an additional 60-days.

Under that authorization, City Manager Dave Kennedy announced yesterday that he has extended the seven-day DORA until September 5.

Q: What is a DORA?

A: A Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) is a specially designated area that allows patrons of an establishment serving alcohol to take an open container of alcohol out of the business and walk around the public streets. Drinks must be in special cups designated as DORA cups. These cups can be obtained at all participating alcohol establishments inside the DORA.

Q: May a person bring their own alcohol into a DORA?

A: No. Ohio open container law prohibits a person from having an opened container of alcohol on a permit premises that was not purchased from that permit holder even if the permit premises are within a DORA purchased elsewhere.

Q: Do I have to use special DORA Cups?

A: Yes. Any open alcohol which leaves an establishment must be in designated DORA cups. And, DORA cups must be empty to enter an establishment. Cups can be obtained at any participating establishment.

Q: What types of alcoholic beverage can I have in my DORA cup?

A: Beer, wine and liquor are allowable beverages to be consumed in designated DORA cups.

Q: Can I walk anywhere with my DORA cup?

A: Patrons can enjoy their beverage within the designated DORA Boundaries which are marked by signage.

Businesses serving DORA beverages will have the below sticker decal displayed:
DORA Sticker

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