Often pelvic unbalance can be corrected before becoming symptomatic.

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The unbalanced pelvis is a phenomenon seen quite often in our office. Typically, a patient enters with a complaint of unilateral low back pain. However, on further exam, it becomes quite apparent that their issue lies in the articulation on the sacrum bone (large bone inferior to the L5 lumbar disc) and its pelvic border (where the sacroiliac joint is formed). An unbalanced pelvis is formed by the rotation of the pelvic girdle on an axis. This rotation can be anterior to posterior or visa versa. On examination, it often appears along with having a unilateral short leg. Upon x-ray it may show a high or low pelvis compared to the opposite side.

Having an unbalanced pelvis puts stress on the muscle, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments of the affected sacroiliac joint. This, in turn, can cause an inflammatory situation such as unilateral pain in the joint. If enough inflammation occurs, it can also cause some radiating pain symptoms into the gluteus or down the leg on the affected side. This pain is due to the close proximity of the joint with the sciatic nerve.

This type of pain in the joint can happen to anyone, but often occurs in people who have stressed the joint through repetitive motion such as picking things up over and over or in athletes who participate in sports with a lot of hip rotation. High school athletes who compete in sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball are very susceptible to this kind of pain.

Being proactive and having yourself checked prior to participation in an activity that would predispose you to pelvic unbalance is extremely helpful. Often pelvic unbalance can be corrected before becoming symptomatic. If the joint does become inflamed, a good course of correction is ice, massage or trigger point therapy, and seeing a Chiropractor to help with structural correction.

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