by David Miller

by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – No matter, whether naughty or nice, Loveland homeowners and renters will unwrap a piece of coal for the holidays when they sneak a peak at their next utility bill. With disregard for seniors on a fixed income and amid the recent uproar and defeat of the Loveland City School District levy over those concerns, the Loveland City Council has implemented new fees for homeowners that increase their water bill.

Concerns over inflation, rising home ownership costs, and seniors staying in their Loveland homes were the most cited reasons for the school not receiving the added operating funds they requested from voters.

The flat-rate, permanent fee will increase the cost to own a home in Loveland by $90/year immediately, and $114/year beginning in 2025. Homeowners will see what city hall is calling a “Water Main Replacement (WMR) Fee” on their next billing statement.

The flat fee will be charged to all City of Loveland utility customers regardless of income status, age, or how much water they actually consume. The revenue from the WMR Fee, according to a release issued by the City will be used solely for water main replacement projects.

The fee will be paid by all City of Loveland utility customers, residential or commercial both inside and outside of the city’s corporation boundaries. The fee is charged “per unit” on multi-family residential units.


Hamilton County homeowners will get a lower stadium tax rebate next year” is how WVXU’s Becca Costello reported that Hamilton County property owners in 2023 will receive a smaller tax rebate than this year.

In 1996 when voters passed a half-cent sales tax to build and maintain Great American Ball Park and what is now Paycor Stadium officials promised to give 30% of the revenue back to homeowners as tax rebates. They are failing to keep that promise.

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