Election results from November 3, 2015

Many Symmes Township residents cast votes today at the Lake Isabella Boat House.
Unofficial results as of 1:53 AM Wednesday, November 4
Candidates and issues that were on the ballot in multiple counties have been totaled and tabulated


Loveland, Ohio РLate Tuesday, Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlmann ruled that voters should have an extra 90 minutes to vote because Hamilton County Board of Elections’ new [quote_box_right]Bailey Elected РFitzgerald and Settle retain Loveland Council seats[/quote_box_right]electronic voter ID system (Electronic Poll Books) did not work properly at all locations, including Loveland. It was also a failure of poll workers not using the traditional paper-bound-book of registered voters that voters have been so familiar Рwith when they realized the machines were not doing their job.

After the court ruling, Ohio Secretary of State John Husted issued this order:

Voting locations in Hamilton County ONLY to remain open until 9:00 PM; No County may release statewide election results until 9:00 PM.

It wasn’t until after 1 AM Wednesday morning that Hamilton County had counted all of the votes cast in Loveland.

Those who took advantage of the extended voting hours had to cast “Provisional Ballots” that will not be counted for another 10 days.

Here are the un-official election results for candidates and issues on the November 3, 2015 General Election as of 1:30 AM Wednesday morning.

Loveland school district board member Kathryn Lorenz issued this statement about serving another four years. She and Art Jarvis ran un-opposed for the two open seats.

Although it is much simpler running unopposed in the 2015 election than it was running in a very contested race for my first term in 1991, it is a no less important effort. I am honored to be able to serve Loveland students and staff and look forward to working for Loveland citizens for the next four years. I still believe that public education is a cornerstone of our American democracy.  РKathy Lorenz

Loveland councilman, Mark Fitzgerald was re-elected. He said last night, “The people have spoken.¬†It is with humble appreciation that I will continue to serve our community.¬†Thanks for your confidence in me.”

Newcomer, Kathy Bailey was elected, and incumbent, Angie Settle kept her seat on Loveland Council. Settle said early Wednesday morning, “I am honored that the citizens of Loveland have placed their confidence and trust in me for another term. Thank you for returning our team to City Council so we may continue our forward looking leadership and our unwavering commitment to this vibrant and exciting community.”

The renewal levy for the Little Miami school district passed by a wide margin.


The names of elected candidates appear in RED

Council Races

Loveland City Council (Three to be elected.)

Kathy Bailey –¬†2,211

Clermont County –¬†411

Hamilton County – 1,600

Warren County – 200

Mark J. Fitzgerald –¬†2,086

Clermont County – 383

Hamilton County – 1,534

Warren County – 169

Todd Osborne –¬†1,428

Clermont County – 286

Hamilton County – 1,019

Warren County – 123

Angela L. Settell –¬†2,066

Clermont County – 404

Hamilton County – 1,487

Warren County – 175


Milford City Council (4 open seats)

Ed Brady – 1,117

Clermont County – 1,115

Hamilton County – 2

Justin A. Bonnell – 738

Clermont County Р737

Hamilton County – 1

Ted Haskins – 913

Clermont County – 908

Hamilton County – 5

Margaret Giuffre – 670

Clermont County – 665

Hamilton County – 5

David Grenier – 404

Clermont County –¬†404

Hamilton County –

Sandy Russell – 846

Clermont County – 843

Hamilton County – 3

Morrow Village Council (2 open seats)

Luanne Cain –¬†129

Kiley Dane Р198

David Ducker Р97

Randy Osborne Р121

Bill Thompson Р204

Morrow Mayor (One open seat)

York Bryant –¬†229

Judy Neal –¬†216

Maineville Mayor (One open seat)

Wm. Shearer – 268

Maineville Council (One open seat)

Michael Kembel – 237

Write-In – 14

Continue reading for more results….¬†
Voting booths with view of Lake Isabella
School Board Races

Loveland School Board (2 open seats)

Kathryn Lorenz –¬†4,568

Clermont County – 1,973

Hamilton County – 2,511

Warren County –¬†84

Art Jarvis –¬†4,044

Clermont County – 1,745

Hamilton County – 2,219

Warren County –¬†80

Little Miami School Board (3 open seats)

Mike Cremeans Р4,406

Warren County – 4,393

Clermont County – 13

Randy Haas – 4,138

Warren County – 4,128

Clermont County – 10

Nancy Journeay – 4,314

Warren County – 4,303

Clermont County – 11

Julie Perelman – 3,830

Warren County – 3,822

Clermont County – 8

Erin Wallace Р3,148

Warren County –¬†¬†3,140

Clermont County – 8

Milford School Board (2 open seats)

Jennifer Funk – 2,635

Clermont County – 2,633

Hamilton County – 2

George A. Lucas – 5,225

Clermont County – 5,223

Hamilton County – 2

Don Lykins – 4,206

Clermont County – 4,205

Hamilton County – 1

Debbie Marques – 4,371

Clermont County – 4,371

Hamilton County -0

Robert Hewlett – 2,573

Clermont County – 2,573

Hamilton County -1

Goshen School Board (2 open seats)

John Benthien Р2,757

Clermont County – 2,591

Warren County – 166

Write-In – 314

Warren County – – 11

Clermont County – 303

Kings School Board (2 open seats) (29 of 31 Precincts)

Richard Himes Р1,880

Melisse Kircher Р2,744

Kerry McKiernan Р3,418

Peggy Phillips Р3,389

Township Trustees Races

Symmes Township Board of Trustees (One open seat)

Phil Beck – 2,986

Miami Township Board of Trustees (One open seat)

Keith Hayes¬†–¬†3,220

Ken Tracy Р7,042

Goshen Township Board of Trustees (One open seat)

Claire B. Corcoran Р1,411

Bob Hausermann  2,158

Steven Holland 199

Deerfield Township Board of Trustees (1 open seat)

Pete Patterson¬†–¬†6,186

Hamilton Township Board of Trustees (1 open seat)

Joshua Bibee -1,045

Gene Duvelius Р2,465

Joe Walker Р3,163

Township Fiscal Officer Races

Symmes Township Fiscal Officer (One open seat)

Carol A. Sims – 2,973

Miami Township Fiscal Officer (One open seat)

Michael Collins 3,945

Eric C. Ferry Р5,667

Deerfield Township Fiscal Officer (One open seat)

John Wahle¬†–¬†6,055

Goshen Township Fiscal Officer (One open seat)

Cathy Carlier -505

Brittany Koepke Р1,810

Art Treinen Р1,233

Hamilton Township Fiscal Officer (1 open seat)

Russell Holman Р2,553

James Hunter Р3,638

Local Issues

Hamilton Township Police renewal- 1 mill for 5 years

YES – 5,498

NO – 2,085

Little Miami School District RenewalLittle Miami School District Renewal -13.86 mill for 5 years

YES – 6501

Clermont County – 11

Warren County – 6,490

NO – 4,744

Clermont County – 10

Warren County – 4,734

Symmes Township – Tax Levy – Renewal & Increase 1.5ml 5yr – Fire/Police/EMS

YES – 2,946

NO – 1,380

Symmes Township -PRECINCT F – Loc Opt – Sunday Sales at Fresh Time Farmers Market – Wine and Mixed Beverages 10am – Midnight.

YES – 362

NO – 79

Issue 12- Local Option- Precinct 159, Hamilton Twp B (River Bend Sunday Sales)

YES – 357

NO – 60

Miami Township EMS levy


NO –¬†4,765

County-wide Issues

Clermont County Gas Aggregation

YES – 21,294

NO – 22,504

Clermont County Electricity Aggregation

YES – 21,151

NO – 22,664

Clermont Childrens Services

YES – 38,779

NO – 16,140

Clermont County Mental Health Services

YES – 29,017

NO – 25,911

State Issues


State Issue 1 –¬†Creates a bipartisan, public process for drawing legislative districts

YES – 2,038,848

NO – 813,608

State Issue 2 –¬†Anti-monopoly amendment; protects the initiative process from being used for personal economic benefit¬†–¬†Revised Ballot Proof – Issue 3

YES –¬†1,563,164

NO – 1,461,365

State Issue 3 –¬†Grants a monopoly for the commercial production and sale of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes

YES – 1,102,169

NO – 1,970,963

Warren County BOE Web Site

Hamilton County BOE Web Site

Clermont  County BOE Web Site

Ohio Secretary of State Web Site


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