The final videos have been up-loaded including recommendation to City Council

Loveland, Ohio – The Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) got serious with numbers on April 24 when consultant Ken Geis brought slides with his facts and figures about what a new City Hall might look like and the costs associated with several variations.

These LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV videos are the only recording of the meeting and will be presented in several parts so viewers can digest what is being proposed – stop, then go back at your viewing pleasure. Not all of the meeting video has been up-loaded yet, so return here tomorrow to see more. You will find that the conclusion of the meeting is most revealing.

For most of City council and staff, this is also their only opportunity to see what transpired at this 1 PM meeting. The Fire Marshall came and reduced the number of attendees in the too small, crowded room which included some city staff who volunteered to leave. Some members of the public never quite made it into the undersized room in the first place.

Also, as an exclusive to our readers, CLICK below to see all of the slides Ken Geis used while making his presentation to CIC.




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