Lower fees to be introduced Tuesday

Loveland, Ohio – The public showed up and overflowed into the hallways at the January 24 Loveland council meeting to show displeasure with new fees and terms for holding “Public Events” on private or public property in the city of Loveland.

These three videos are excerpts and highlights of both the public showing displeasure with the fees and policy and City Council’s sometimes acrimonious debate that followed.

Because of this discussion, City Manager Dave Kennedy has proposed amendments to the fee structure and has recommended that City Council vote on them as “Emergency” legislation at the next meeting on February, 14. The meeting begins at 7 PM. View the meeting agenda HERE. Read and download the proposed amendment: Event Fees. Read what the current fees are: Previous Fees.

This first video is excerpts of the public urging that the fees be lower.


This second video is more excerpts of the public urging that the fees be lower.


This third video is excerpts and highlights of the sometimes acrimonious debate among council members.

Amazing Charity Race gives City Hall ultimatum and February 28th deadline
Former City Manager Threatened to Cancel Loveland’s Amazing Race
EXCLUSIVE: Amazing Charity Race to return to Loveland in 2015

Loveland Magazine is a sponsor of the Amazing Charity Race. This video below was produced by LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV highlighting the 2016 race.

“In its 11th year, 500 volunteers and a dedicated board of directors, guided about 1,400 racers on a 15-mile labyrinth of mental and physical challenges on June 18 in the Amazing Charity Race. From Loveland, through Miami Township, and into Milford, each team member must be physically fit, but also master the mental challenges of goofy brain games all along the course. Nearly all of the physical challenges are most easily handled by problem solving team mates as well. Think, Navy Seals teamwork – – sort of.”

Tossed around like pinballs while inside giant balloons

They were challenged to games of Donkey Kong at the Boy Scout’s Camp Friedlander, being tossed around like pinballs while inside giant balloons, reciting movie lines at the Loveland Stage Company, shooting a giant sling shot using their legs, and much, much more. Teams come from all over the country to race in the Fathers Day Weekend event.


You can watch all of the other people opposing the public event fees at the Council meeting on LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV


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