Loveland, Ohio – Neil Oury began an election speech during the public forum at Tuesday’s council meeting by reading part of the preamble of council rules:

As leaders of the community, City Council as a body and as individual members must lead by example and as such, shall hold themselves to the highest professional and ethical standards at all times. Council members are expected to be honorable and courteous while conducting city business.

He said the preamble was why he was there speaking at the council meeting. “I feel it is very important for open and honest dialogue to happen at all times. That every person’s voice be heard and acknowledged, to understand each others’ views and opinions, but most importantly it is time to make sure we as citizens and a council do what is best and approved by for the City of Loveland.”

Oury further said he was unhappy with the “Current majority actions and that recent changes to the membership of the CIC Board do not project transparency. The City is being rushed into a multi-million dollar public-private partnership without resident sanctions.”

Loveland Mayor Mark Fitzgerald had no comment at the council meeting about the efforts to recall him. (File Photo)

The CIC (Community Improvement Corporation) is a private corporation allowed under Ohio law to be a quasi-government development arm of municipal governments.

[pull_quote_left]Oury said he feels that Mayor Mark Fitzgerald has lost the trust of the residentsl.[/pull_quote_left]Oury said he feels that Mayor Mark Fitzgerald has lost the trust of the residents and in his eye it’s time for change on City council He said he has twice asked him to resign and since he has not, he is presenting a petition for recall to the City Solicitor and the Council Clerk. (See Petition below)

When the meeting was over Fitzgerald was asked if he had any comments he wanted to make about the recall petition. He said, “No” and walked away from the camera. The petition was being circulated at the meeting for residents to sign.

Oury also announced that he was running for council to replace Fitzgerald. He said the recall committee will need 600 signatures of registered Loveland voters, and he will need 400 signatures on his own nominating petition. It is unclear if the recall election will be held on August 8, the date the Ohio Secretary of State has set for a “Special Election” or if the recall election will be held on the General Election date of November 7.

Fitzgerald is currently into the 2nd year of a four-year term which ends in December of 2019.

There will be 4 seats open for Council this November. The terms of current members, Pam Gross, Ted Phelps, Robert Weisgerber, and Stephen Zamagias will expire on December 4, 2017.



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  1. Does anyone know when the last time a Hamilton County elected official was recalled? Up north, in the Cleveland, Youngstown, and Akron areas, there are a few stories of politicians being recalled or resigning because a recall circulation petition was circulating.

    I believe everyone should have a say and defend themselves. Mark Fitzgerald has and still does have plenty of opportunities to explain his actions(letter and City Hall projects) to the public. If he continues his silence, the court of public opinion will judge the situation with the facts at hand. And harshly.

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