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deirdre-112_correctedThe picture above is of an original oil painting by Deidre Dryson, a renowned landscape artist in Loveland.  Deidre painted it during the recent Granny’s Garden Harvest Celebration.
Deidre has generously donated the painting to Granny’s Garden to raise funds for the Loveland school garden program.  The auction starts October 15 and runs through October 25th.  They will accept an opening bid of $150 and subsequent bids of $50.
Place your bid on Granny’s Facebook page or by sending an email and your bid will be posted for you.  Granny will post regular updates on the Facebook page.
The painting is framed and measured 14″ H x 18″ W before framing.
You can view the painting at Art House II Studio at 430 West Loveland Avenue.  Deidre has it displayed and lit in a window on her front porch so you can stop by anytime. 


Loveland Magazine donated photography services for this project.



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