Loveland, Ohio – If you are drinking Loveland water, you will want to watch this re-cast of this info session. Local residents and the Sierra Club shared information on these topics:

  • Is the Kathy Bailey Administration telling Loveland residents the truth?
  • History of PFAS in Loveland’s drinking water.
  • General History of PFAS.
  • New USEPA regulations for PFAS.
  • Negative health outcomes resulting from PFAS.
  • How to protect your family.

Hazardous chemicals, known collectively as “forever chemicals” or PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances), were created in the mid-20th century by chemical companies and were used in multiple industries.

Forever Chemicals are in Loveland’s drinking water at the highest tested levels in the Cincinnati region. Drinking water contaminated with Forever Chemicals has been causing negative health outcomes for consumers for decades, yet the Kathy Bailey Administration maintains that Loveland’s tap water is “safe”.

There are no credible sources saying drinking water that contains Forever Chemicals is safe for human consumption. Scientists came to this emphatic determination decades ago.

This presentation is shown in it’s entirety except portions where there is significant delays while the Sierra Club attempted to connect to their on-line, live feed or other Sierra Club technology issues.

Here is the link to the Environmental Working Group that is mentioned several times as a resource for buying home water filtration systems.

Loveland Magazine PFAS Files

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