Willie Lutz reporting for Loveland Magazine from Tiger Stadium in 2014

by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland Magazine throughout the years has had many opportunities to both meet and mold journalism interns into talented multi-dimensional professional journalists. Many have gone on to be very successful writers, broadcasters, reporters, and filmmakers; recently one previous Loveland Magazine intern and former Loveland High School grad announced he just landed a new writing gig!

Willie Lutz was a paid intern at Loveland Magazine during his Junior and Senior years at LHS, his primary role being to write about LHS sports and to do on-air post-game reports. Lutz has since been a frequent contributor to Loveland Magazine.

Lutz recently released the news that he accepted a position at Last Word on Sports where he will be responsible for reporting all things NFL, primarily the Cincinnati Bengals.

Willie Lutz file photo from when he reported sports for Loveland Magazine

“I’m excited to join the team at Last Word On Sports,” Lutz announced on his Facebook page, “I’ve greatly missed sports writing and I found a perfect landing spot! To kick things off, I wrote about Joe Burrow’s desire to keep Zac Taylor in Cincinnati and what that means for the Bengals.”

To check out Lutz’s first article with Last Word on Sports that was released in December of 2020 click the following link: Joe Burrow Wants Zac Taylor to Stay With Cincinnati Bengals. His latest released just today is Cincinnati Bengals Slot Cornerback Options This Off-season.

Loveland Magazine’s Editor in Chief David Miller was estatic about Lutz’s new opportunity!

“I’m not the biggest Bengal’s fan but if I was I would certainly be keeping up with what Willie is writing! He’s very, very good at what he does. I read what Willie writes and follow him and he’s now got me following the Bengals,” Miller said.

LastWordOnSports.com is essentially a network of sports-related entities encompassing type media and radio. The site was established in August 2011 with a focus on the major professional leagues.

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We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Willie Lutz for obtaining such an awesome journalism position! Thank you so much Willie for providing Loveland Magazine with your outstanding articles! We hope that you will continue to succeed and thrive in the world of Sports Journalism! Good Luck!

Stay tuned for more of your Sports 411 With Me, Cassie Mattia!

Cassie Mattia is the Associate Editor of Loveland Magazine and our Account Executive. She can be contacted about advertising opportunities.

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