The photo above of is one of the Granny’s Garden School gardens on the Campus of the Loveland Primary and Elementary School in 2014.

Mihaela Manova

by Mihaela Manova

As summer has ended and fall is upon us, Granny’s Garden School continues to provide an experience that many children will never forget. As our world is growing in terms of social media and more and more at-home activities, Granny’s Garden School gives back to our planet and brings children back to basics. 

Granny’s Garden provides “hands-on learning experiences for children through school-based garden and nature-focused programs.” as stated on their website. For over fifteen years, this business allows 1st through 4th-grade students to explore the world of nature. With their courtyard garden and nature trail, trained Garden Educators lead lessons with subjects like science, math, and health to let kids apply new knowledge into the real world. Kids enjoy the paths and learn not by sitting in a classroom, but diving into mother nature. 

Now Granny’s Garden will be under new leadership and will continue with its goals to teach the young and give back. As great support to the Loveland’s Life Food Pantry, Granny’s Garden donates a portion of their harvest each week of the growing season and maintains a close relationship, developing crops and donating constantly.

As many parents praise the garden’s activities when clicking on their website, one can see a quote that reads, “My daughter loves the garden days so much we now raise a vegetable garden at home.” Other parents like Angela, from Loveland Primary School, said, “I value the lessons my children learn, the work the experts do and the beauty Granny’s Garden School brings to our community.” Outside activities prove that they can be brought inside as new knowledge and practices can grow a new future in Loveland. 

With new leadership comes new opportunities, Granny’s Garden now accepts individual or group help all year-round. Leadership opportunities and educational team spots are also available for applicants. Follow this LINK to learn more about Granny’s Garden School, how you can help with your own resources and become involved.

Roberta Paolo was the founder of Granny’s Garden School. When her grandchildren were young, they spent most of their time together in Paolo’s gardens. When they were in first and second grade, she wanted to extend that experience by starting a garden at their Loveland, Ohio school. The original goal was simply to give other children the chance to pick flowers. Granny’s Garden School took on a life of its own and grew to be one of the largest and most comprehensive school garden education programs in the country. Though she is retired from GGS, Roberta continues to provide guidance to school garden programs through her website.

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