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Loveland, Ohio – Angels by the Trail will become a permanent, brightly painted memorial wall space that forever “Celebrates Loveland’s school-aged children whose lives were cut short.”

I interviewed muralist, David Uy as he was putting away his paint and coming off a rented SkyJack on Monday. The colorful 65′ X 20′ memorial will be facing the bike trail and the Little Miami River near the Linda Cox parking lot on Karl Brown Way in Historic downtown Loveland. It is being painted on a previously bare industrial wall of the Eads Fence Company.

David said he is painting Guardian Angels or Guardian Loveland Tigers by the Loveland Bike Trail.

Stacey Lund, a Loveland resident and parent is leading the project. She said, “I am a Loveland resident, parent, and neighbor. I, like many here, am passionate about giving back to this terrific community of ours for all that it has given to me and my family.”

If you see David Uy while he is finishing the mural, do what I did and ask him if you can add a few strokes. David said he had already encouraged others to add a few sprays before he is finished.

As a way of giving back, a group of Lund’s friends are in the process of creating a special mural that is named, ‚ÄúAngels by the Trail‚ÄĚ. Lund added, “The bright joyful mural will be created in celebration of the memory of school‚Äďaged children, ages 3-23 who lived in the Loveland community that have passed away much too soon.”

She gives special thanks to Dale Eads of Eads Hardware and Fence for generously allowing them to use one of their large, trail-facing walls for the project.

On the GoFundMe page created for the project, Lund said, “Our hope is that the conversion of this plain industrial wall into the ‚ÄúAngels by the Trail‚ÄĚ installation will bring joy to the families of these children and those who love them and will give our community another beautiful, bright and cheerful landmark and backdrop within our special home of Loveland.”

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If you would like to have an Angel’s name, a child who has passed on and was a resident of the Loveland community and was between the ages of 3-23 added to the mural, please click the following link.
The feature at the center of the mural is a large set of angel wings painted in graffiti-style swooping colors and will be “Fun, whimsical, and as special as each of our ‚ÄėAngels‚Äô was in life,” said Lund.¬† Angels‚Äô names will be added throughout the design.

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Is there another way I can donate other than GoFundMe and Venmo?
Lund answered: “I have a donation box at each event, or you can mail a check to 118 Bares Creek Ct, Loveland, OH 45140 made out to Angels by the Trail.
Angels by the Trail is a 501(c)(3). Follow HERE to see current fundraising events.

Stacey’s Inspiration…

My inspiration for Angels by the Trail – a community project, was inspired by Jenifer and Mark Winter’s Angel Alley in Mason. I thought we should have one in Loveland. With the help of Dale Eads, Great American Soft Wash, and City Manager David Kennedy, it became a reality.

How can you help?

Follow our Facebook Group at Angels by the Trail to find out about the fundraisers and the progress of the mural.
Share with friends and family that lost a Loveland school-aged child too soon. I would love to include their child’s name in the mural. The google form is at the bottom of the GoFundMe page. GoFundMe
Consider donating. We are truly grateful for any donation we receive from anyone who supports the idea.

Stacey’s “Why”

When I first saw Angel’s Alley in Mason, I was so touched, I felt like every community should have such a special, celebratory place. I have been touched by the loss of several children in the area. With the support of local parents who have suffered those unthinkable losses, I sought out a local artist to create the vision, including a representation of Tigers for Loveland’s school mascot and Loveland’s Little Miami River. And, I found the right wall and made it a mission to make it happen.
The GoFundMe will raise funds for the cleaning and painting of the wall itself, a bench for those wishing to visit the wall, and modest landscaping. Lund hopes that supportive businesses and community members may wish to donate.
We are truly grateful for any donation we receive from anyone who supports the idea.
Donations are tax-deductible.


Learn more about David Uy and his other most recent projects…

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