Hamilton County Probate Judge Ralph Winkler

Loveland, Ohio – After Hamilton County Probate Judge Ralph Winkler accepted applications and letters of recommendation for appointment to the unexpired term of Kevin Dougherty on the Loveland City School Board, he announced the appointment of Linda Cecil.

The term Cecil will fill runs through the end of the current calendar year, 2023, and she is running for a full school board term in November.

Linda Cecil lives in Pheasant Hills on the Lake (Provided Photo)

The Loveland School Board has been functioning with only four members since Kevin Dougherty resigned effective June 30. As previously reported the board of education appointed Dr. Brad Goldie on July 17 to the unexpired term but later had to rescind their vote because they discovered the doors to the building were locked during their vote and the meeting was therefore a violation of Ohio Open Meeting laws. After discovering the error and rescinding their vote for Goldie, the time to make another vote had expired. When that happened, Ohio law required a Probate Judge to make the appointment.

LCSB Appointment Entry

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