A press release from Alex M. Triantafilou, Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party:

Dear Friends,
I want to share some exciting news with you. Starting on April 20th, Cameron Sagester will be joining the Hamilton County Republican Party team as our new Political and Communications Director. We believe that Cameron will serve the Party well as we look ahead to the future and will be a valuable resource to our Republican community.


Our goal, as always, is to advance the cause of conservatism by helping to elect as many Republican candidates in Hamilton County as we can. We know that Cameron’s experience and passion for the Party will help us to achieve that goal. Let me take a moment to formally introduce Cameron.


Cameron Sagester

 Cameron is a born and bred resident of the Greater Cincinnati area. He and his family are, and always have been, deeply connected to this area that we are all lucky enough to call home. He attended St. Xavier High School, where he began to form his interest in the public sphere. This fledgling interest led him to study Political Science at The Ohio State University. He graduated with a B.A. in Political Science, with a focus in American Politics and an Economics Minor.

While finishing his degree, Cameron worked as an intern for the GOP campaign, producing written content for the team. After interning for three months, Cameron joined the Ohio Republican Party as a part of their Communications Department. ¬† ¬†After being a part of the Republicans’ sweeping victory for Ohio’s statewide offices, he joined Secretary of State’s Jon Husted’s office.¬†Cameron was able to return to Southwest Ohio as a Regional Liaison for Secretary Husted where he worked closely with us at the Board of Elections. His maturity, professionalism, and commitment impressed everyone.

Beyond his political interests, Cameron is a proud Milford Gun Club member and an avid skeet shooter. He enjoys the outdoors and is a passionate fan of the Reds and Bengals.

We believe that Cameron will be an excellent addition to the Party and we have no doubt that he will fit in perfectly with our dedicated team. We hope you will introduce yourself to Cameron in the near future.

Cameron’s responsibilities will include managing, coordinating, and accelerating our political operations, as well as facilitating party communication within our Central Committee, Executive Committee, supporters, candidates, and various other groups that support the Hamilton County GOP.¬† Although he will take some of Maggie Wuellner’s responsibilities, he will also have several new tasks to help our party perform at a peak level in 2015 and 2016. ¬†Maggie will continue to serve as the Party’s Executive Director and Director of Finance as Cameron settles into his new position.

Again, I hope you will join me in welcoming¬†Cameron Sagester¬†to our Republican family.¬† You can reach him at¬†[email protected],¬†find him on Twitter at @CameronSagester, or call him at (513) 490-9734.

Thank You,
Electronic Signature-Alex
Alex M. Triantafilou


  1. A textbook example of the social justice warriors (SJW) indulging in their favorite past-time, which is character assassination.

  2. I’ll tell you why: Ad hominem commenting on someone that a person does not like is one of the easiest “cheap journalism” ways to make an editorial statement without labeling it as an editorial. It is an illogical way of questioning an individual or their personal associations rather than evaluating the soundness and validity of that individual’s position.

    True journalism would involve describing Mr. Sagester’s positions and published opinions that may exist, and then raising questions, as applicable, or pointing out any flaws in his logic.

    The worst thing about using ad hominem purposely is that the victim is insulted publicly. Whenever this happens, the victim must recover from the humiliation and then point out the false connection in the argument, which was used a trap for the audience.

    Moreover, the dilemma with ad hominem is that once it has been used against someone, it smears their reputation. Once somebody makes such a judgmental argument about an individual, the audience instead of evaluating it on logical grounds, take it to be true.

  3. With all of the accomplishments of this young man and other content in the story, why emphasize the gun club membership in the title of the story?

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