Loveland, Ohio – On a very frosty last Thursday morning, the students and teachers from the Loveland Intermediate and Middle School campus hit the street and carried food from their school to the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at the corner of Lebanon Road and West Loveland Avenue. They delivered the food they had collected to the Loveland LIFE Food Pantry which will distribute it to those less fortunate in the Greater Loveland Area.

As Nancy Grant explains in the LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV segment it was the start of the second decade of the “Pass it on Food Drive”, the 21st year! The goal this year was to help the food pantry put together 250 Thanksgiving Day and 250 Holiday meal boxes.

In the video, you can see most of the Tigers as they hustle their way up the street and into the church where they help sort their donations. Grant and Penny Dippold will tell you how the programs started and the enduring value to the Loveland community.

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