Loveland, Ohio – On the night of the 2022 November 8 Mid-Term Election, Loveland Magazine will begin tabulating the local results we feel are of most interest to our Loveland Area readers.

As usual, we will probably be at the calculator and election board websites late into the night, and into the early morning if results come in slowly.

When readers awake on Wednesday morning we want to give you as complete a picture of the results as possible in an easy-to-read format.

Below is our preliminary spreadsheet of how our report will look.

If you see corrections that need to be made or races or issues we have left out, please do let us know. You can send your comments to [email protected].

NOTE: We will publish our results as soon as the three counties Loveland is in, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren report their “Unofficial” counts and when 100% of precinct votes have been tabulated by each county BOE.

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