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River Advisory on the Little Miami Rivers South of Old 3C Highway has been removed

Loveland, Ohio – Here is a press release issued by Warren County officials this morning, however they have not said if their advisory not to enter or fish in the Little Miami River south of Old 3C Highway in Warren County has been lifted. Loveland Magazine is following up.

Loveland Magazine, Wednesday and yesterday, also asked County officials and the Ohio EPA more detailed questions about the raw sewage that was entering the Little Miami above the community and Loveland’s drinking water supply, and have not received complete responses.

The repair of Warren County’s force main was completed at 4:15 AM on Friday August 16th.  The illicit discharge to Simpson Creek and the Little Miami River was stopped at approximately 5:00 AM.  Our pump stations are  operational and untreated wastewater is no longer being discharged to the river and/or streams.

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