January is an opportunity for a fresh start. If you have been waiting to open an ABLE account, this offer is for you!

Open a new ABLEnow® account by January 31, 2021, have a balance of at least $50 on February 28, 2021, and you’ll receive a $50 match to help jumpstart your savings. See official terms and conditions (pdf) for details.

In just four years, more than 10,000 Americans with disabilities have opened an ABLEnow account. These customers, representing all 50 states, have collectively contributed close to $75 million to their accounts – building assets for today’s needs and investing for tomorrow. For many, this is the first time they’ve been able to save money without impacting their eligibility for certain public benefits that provide income, health care, food and housing assistance.

ABLEnow accounts are available to eligible individuals in all 50 states. Remember, an eligible individual may only have one ABLE account at any time.

Register for a free webinar to learn how ABLE accounts can be an essential tool for individuals with disabilities save money, without being taxed on the earnings — and in most cases, without losing eligibility for certain means-tested benefits.

Consider saving your federal stimulus payment in your ABLEnow account for flexibility to use your funds on qualified disability expenses when you want, how you want.

There’s never been a better time to join more than 10,000 Americans with disabilities who are already saving with ABLEnow.

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