by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – Saturday morning the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance gathered a standing-room crowd at City Hall to introduce Becky Giver as the next Loveland Valentine Lady and unveil the 2024 Valentine card designed by artist Lauren Connolly.

Before the ceremony started, Becky talked to me about how it felt when she was surprised and told of her selection and what are her plans during her reign.

You can view Connolly’s winning design as the cover photo on the Loveland Magazine homepage.

Kay Bolin, the 2018 Valentine Lady nominated Giver. Here is the letter she wrote to the selection committee:

Becky Giver, a woman who flies “under the radar” while constantly doing her good and caring deeds in our community. Since Becky has retired, or I should say semi-retired, she has been able to put all that energy into our community.

In addition to being a continued patron for Loveland’s restaurants and businesses, she doesn’t stop there, as she knows it takes work as well as fun to keep a community growing.

Loveland is so lucky to have several non- profit organizations that need good people who are willing to work and not be afraid to get their hands dirty. And speaking of getting your hands dirty, Becky has been involved with the:

City of Loveland Beautification Committee – She has been one of several members who have helped beautify our community. Today she continues to work on some special projects with “Love our Land.” It is so cool to watch Loveland’s renewed interest in planning and planting with the focus on pollinator beds throughout our community.

Becky doesn’t stop with planting; in fact, you have possibly seen her & her husband, Gary, walking on 48 carrying a bag and picking up trash to help once again keep our community beautiful and clean. They have been part of this Adopt a Block program for years.

Becky is also on the board for Loveland Legacy Foundationa 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization, with the purpose of improving the community of Loveland, with a common purpose of the betterment of Loveland, now and in the future.

Another not-for-profit organization she is involved with is Loveland Stage Company, as House Manager and ad sales. Like everything she does, she goes far beyond the requirements to ensure comfort and a pleasant experience for the patrons.

Becky has been a volunteer for years and recently has been appointed to be on the Board of Directors for the Loveland Historical Museum, whose mission is to enrich lives and connect our community through diverse arts and history experiences.”

She has also just finished a very productive term as President of the Loveland Woman’s Club, and now serves as Advisor for the next 2-year term.

In her spare time Becky & Gary take care of the bird feeders at the Loveland Nature Preserve

In summary Becky cares about our community and its people, she helps make a better community for all of us and the future generations. Her compassion is contagious, she will make a fun-loving and productive addition to our Valentine Lady sisterhood. Becky, we are thrilled to have you.

Respectfully submitted by Kay Bolin, 2018 Valentine Lady

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