Branch Hill Guinea Road now closed until December 18

Loveland, Ohio – Patrick Manger, the Clermont County Engineer said in a statement to County Commissioners on Thursday that he will keep Branch Hill Guinea Road closed until December 18.

The closure is associated with a drainage improvement project that closed the road last Monday, but was expected to open again today.

Manger said, ‚Äú…it is impractical to construct a temporary highway/culvert and that a temporary detour is required.”

Loveland City Manager, Dave Kennedy assigned police officers at traffic signals in downtown Loveland on Tuesday after complaints from downtown business interests. Kennedy said this morning in an email, ‚ÄúThe county has agreed to assist the city financially with the added police coverage being utilized to flow traffic through downtown.‚ÄĚ

The detour is approximately 4.81 miles

Click to see a larger view of this new detour¬†map…




  1. Typical government not know what each other is doing. Closing a road during the worst time in the Christmas season. (Oh yes I said Christmas!!)

    • It is also the Hanukkah season. Please do not assume that all Americans are Christian and celebrate the “Christmas season” with you. There is such a thing as diversity.

  2. How can Clermont County be so wrong in their estimate to reopen? They originally said Nov. 20th. Now It’s Dec. 18th. That’s 28 days off. What gives here?

  3. Yes the traffic is, and will be bad …but make note of the fact that had Loveland Station construction been completed on time – there would have been no overlap of road closures.

  4. Oh yay!!! Like the traffic in Loveland isn’t bad enough without that! It took me a half hour to get to the Eagles yesterday because the idiot police dept decided to cone off the end of Karl Brown Way and MAKE everyone turn left from Broadway/Karl Brown Way onto East Loveland Avenue. Instead of letting me go straight across and pull into the parking lot, which would have gotten one more car out of the backup they were working to clear out, they made me turn left, go over the bridge, turn around in the dry cleaner’s parking lot, and get RIGHT BACK INTO the backup… Adding another car to the backup that didn’t need to be in there. And there were several other Eagles members they did this to… so technically they added multiple cars back into the traffic tie up that could have been off the road and not part of it anymore had they let them go straight on Karl Brown Way instead of forcing them to turn left. I had to go back the way I came, turn right onto Karl Brown Way, go back up Broadway past Eads Fence, and turn left into backed up traffic onto Second St, then go down and turn left on East Loveland, and right onto Railroad Ave. And, I almost got hit head on three times in that Parking lot because of all the additional movement in there. I normally don’t speak out against the PD, but they were complete idiots In the way they handled traffic trying to get to the Eagles. Complete idiots!!!

  5. Loveland. The only suburb in the United States where it’s residents need to be extracted via helicopter in order to get to work. Great job shutting down every major road through and around town all at the same time. There should be some sort of award for this ignorance. The committee that’s in charge of this abortion should have no problem getting a job on the federal scale. The sheer incompetence of this is remarkably similar to the 20 year project that’s been happening on I 75 since 1994.

  6. The road is closed from Arrowhead Apartments to where the road y’s and Branch Hill Guinnee starts up hill. If coming from awards Corner you can go down hill and turn right on Branch Hill Loveland to get you into Loveland but turning off Loveland Madeira you can’t get past the bike trail crossing. Hope that helps

  7. Can you get to Branch Hill-Loveland Road from Loveland Madeira? Will everything be open this weekend (starts 11/23 per the graphic)

    I think the previous closure was on the other side of the loveland medeira intersection.

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