Cassie Mattia as Skeletor

by Cassie Mattia – (Republished from October, 2021)

Loveland, Ohio – With Halloween right around the corner, it only seems right to take YOU our readers to the Simpson Farm Asylum where you will once again meet Skeletor the Halloween Movie Guru!

Everyone loves a good scary movie, especially during Halloween, but at times it can be tough selecting the one that will be sure to chill you to the bone! Skeletor, who hibernates all year at the Simpson Farm Asylum, located at Loveland Magazine’s office, awakens in October to celebrate all things spooky and to share what 5 Halloween movies you should watch.

Follow me down to the Simpson Farm Asylum where we will meet Skeletor for the Top 5 Halloween Movies! Turn off the lights, snuggle under your favorite blanket, grab a bag of candy, and prepare to be creeped out!

Skeletor’s Top 5 Halloween Movies and Where to Find Them!

  • Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984, Supernatural Slasher, Rated R, Watch on HULU or HBO MAX
  • The Hills Have Eyes, 2006 remake, Horror, Rated R, Watch on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO
  • Goosebumps The Series, 1995, Children’s Anthology Horror Television Series, Rated PG, Watch on NETFLIX
  • Fear Street The Trilogy, 2021, Horror Film Series, Rated R, Watch on NETFLIX
  • Child’s Play, 2019 remake, Slasher, Rated R, Watch on HULU or AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

Here is a collection of still photos from the Skeletor video shoot taken by David Miller.


Take a Look at my Skeletor Photo Album!

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