Loveland Valentine Ladies

Over the years…

2019: Kathryn Lorenz

2018: Kay Bolin

2017:  Carol Williams

2016:  Laurie Gordon

2015:  Sue Lundy

2014:  Janis Fogle

2013:  Marge Henderson

2012:  Jan Ranard

2011:  Avery (Winkie) Foster

2010:  Bonnie Larson

2009:  Linda Cox

2008:  Kay Napier

2007:  Sue Newburger

2006:  Peggy Goodwin

2005:  Lu Boike

2004:  Helen Gosch

2003:  Kathryn Undercoffer

2002:  Patricia Furterer

2001:  Marirose Stiver

2000:  Anne Fowler

1999:  Winona Franz

1998:  Barbara Dee

1997:  Bobbie Books

1996:  Jo Ann Richardson

1995:  Mary McDonnell

1994:  Margaret Keifer

1993:  Kathryn Sidney

1992:  Doris Osborne

1991:  Martha Hockman

1990:  Rose Wene

1989:  Pat Randolph

1982-88:  Ruth Jackson (Doris’s daughter)

1982:  Doris Pfiester

“I hope to show the children and adults of Loveland that we can find hearts in nature and express love every day, not just on Valentines Day.”

– 2019 Loveland Valentine Lady Kathryn Lorenz

Loveland, Ohio – “I found out about this while at dinner at the Works on December 9th with my daughter and her family. Santa and Mrs. Claus had just visited the restaurant, to the absolute delight of my 5-year-old grandson”, said Kathryn Lorenz about finding out she would be Loveland’s 2019 Valentine Lady. “So when I heard a little commotion and saw some ladies wearing red, it just never occurred to me what was happening. Several Valentine Ladies and my son appeared at the table and gave me flowers and a balloon and just surprised me completely. My daughter did a really good job helping them surprise me.”

Lorenz is the 33rd Valentine Lady. She has also served on the Loveland Board of Education for the past 26 years, 17 as president. She also serves on the board of directors for the Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Education. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati and a former member of the Governor’s Task Force Ohio.

2019 Valentine Lady Kathy Lorenz and 2018 Valentine Lady Kay Bolin

The photo album below is from Saturday, January 5 when the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance held a ceremony at the Loveland Kroger officially announcing that Lorenz was the 2019 Valentine Lady and Donna Treinen was the winner of the 2019 Valentine Card design competition.

The Valentine Lady tradition goes back to 1971 when the Loveland Chamber of Commerce created a Valentine postmark. Doris Pfiester, chamber secretary at the time, mailed 1,000 Valentines for Loveland residents that had a special Loveland, Ohio postmark that year and was referred to as the “Valentine Lady” until a formal selection process began in the 1980s. Pfiester was named the very first Valentine Lady in 1992. Today, the Valentine Lady plays an important role in the Chamber’s signature Valentine program, which includes a card design competition, poetry, coloring contests, and visits to students in Pre-K through fourth-grade classrooms and nursing homes throughout the Loveland area. The Chamber re-mails thousands of cards they receive from around the world for people wanting their cards mailed from “Loveland” with the slogan, “There is nothing in the world so sweet as Love”. Chamber president in 1972, Dr. Roland Boike, coined the phrase, inspired by Samual Johnson.

2015 Valentine Lady, Sue Lundy nominated Lorenz.

2015 Valentine Lady, Sue Lundy nominated Lorenz. In her nomination letter, Lundy wrote, “Kathy’s public, professional and private life all demonstrate her commitment to the community of Loveland.” Lundy pointed out Lorenz’s commitment to education saying, “Kathy believes in education from the ground up. She is active in the Ohio Conservation League and encourages and supports excursions and educational experiences for children. She has spent time in our elementary classrooms teaching French, worked with mentor programs, and coordinated the Basic French Program at UC.” Lundy is a former Loveland School teacher.

I am really honored to become a member of this exclusive group. First of all, it is unique for Loveland to have a Valentine Lady and to focus on the thought that we can spread thought of love just because we live in a town called Loveland. – Kathy Lorenz

“If you look at all the accomplished, dedicated women who have already been named Valentine Lady, anyone would be proud to be like them,” Lorenz told Loveland Magazine. “I am especially grateful for Sue Lundy, who nominated me and Pat Furterer, Kay Bolin, and Janis Fogle, who have offered many tips about my role already. All the Ladies have welcomed me warmly.”

Lundy added, “She speaks openly, honestly and with pride of all we hope to offer children in our schools. Kathy loves her family and her community. It is evident in all she has achieved and continues to do. Her positive spirit would be a valuable addition to the Valentine Lady program.”

Lorenz told Loveland Magazine she collects pictures of hearts occurring in nature and heart shaped rocks and hopes to show the children and adults of Loveland that, “We can find hearts in nature and express love every day, not just on Valentines Day.” 

During the ceremony at Kroger, Bill Hounshell introduced former Valentine Ladies as Loveland Vice-Mayor Rob Weisgerber presented each with a bouquet of flowers.

An invitation by President/CEO Harry Snyder to visit your Great Oaks Career Campuses

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