Kent Blair is a candidate for Loveland City Council and provided this Candidate Statement to Loveland Magazine.

Loveland Magazine invites all candidates for public office in the 45140 zip code or within the Loveland City School District boundary to send a similar Candidate Statement for publication. Send to [email protected]


Advocating transparency and resident engagement, Kent Blair filed his candidacy Tuesday, pledging a more inclusive distribution of committee appointments, a representative Community Improvement Corporation, and residents around the table for future city planning.

Kent Blair

Pledging to build consensus among City Council members as well as residents across our diverse community, Blair emphasizes the need for ethical appointments throughout city committees. At the top of his list for reform is the Community Improvement Corporation, which he asserts must be representative of and accountable to the Loveland community. He emphasizes that consensus is critical to a healthy community, even if it means taking more time to ensure residents are part of the process.

Blair says, “I am a strong supporter of accountability of elected officials to the people they serve. I believe in process, good stewardship of resources, an expectation of inclusion, and sensible growth. Loveland should stand for all of the residents, not the few who lead it.”

Committee appointments and the development of a future master plan must be approached with an emphasis on community representation, not strategic power plays that benefit only a few. With this motto, Blair plans to work with all of City Council to ensure the next Loveland master plan and any charter revisions reflect the diverse voices of the community and result in greater accountability to the electorate.

“I have the time to give, the desire to give it, and the know-how to use in helping to build a better community of which we can all be proud,” states Blair. “I want to meet with and learn from as many Loveland residents as possible.” Blair invites residents to reach out to him with their visions for Loveland at ​[email protected]​.

Blair is dad to a senior at Loveland High School and is proud to be a 12-year resident of Loveland. He has dedicated himself to the welfare of the community from the start. His passion for our community is evident in his service to the Amazing Charity Race, as a member of the Race Committee since its inception, and as a 7-year coach of SAY Soccer.

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