by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – The community of Loveland has proven time and time again that it can get through anything! The inspiration from the community has trickled down to the youth of Loveland especially the LHS athletes as they are continuing to put in as much work as they can to prepare for their potential sports seasons. The LHS coaching staff along with the Athletic Director has gathered around and taken time to not only prepare workouts for the athletes but has also made them easily accessible for the athletes through the new workout app Teambuildr!

LHS’s Women’s Track Coach, Herbert Laughman, is one of the many LHS coaches that has dedicated a lot of time and effort into helping his athletes succeed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“This has been a very difficult time for all of us. It’s tough to keep things in perspective. Our staff and athletes have done a great job of this. We know the community and the health of the community comes first,” Laughman explained, “That being said, we are very creative in how we are staying in contact with the girls. We have a spring track group and I have put suggested workouts on there.”

Coach Laughman also created some fun challenges for his athletes!

“We have also done fun things like the Camera roll challenge. In this challenge, you pick the 5th picture on camera roll and post. Another fun activity we have done is having the athletes select their top 5 movies of all time,” Coach Laughman said, “My personal favorite activity has been having the athletes post pictures after their optional workout. The girls flooded me with pictures! These girls are still working hard and still want to be pushed. I am so honored and blessed to be a part of this group. I pray for the safety of all of those around us and hope that we can continue on with our spring season,” Coach Laughman added.

LHS’s Women’s Track captains’ weighed in as well on how COVID-19 is affecting them and how they are motivating themselves to keep working out.

“As a three-year varsity athlete, it’s scary to think that I may not get my fourth year,” LHS Women’s Track Captain, Sophia Horrigan, said, “Despite the setbacks, I have been working hard to stay in shape for a season that still may be. From lifting weights in my basement to running on the bike trail, I am doing whatever it takes to stay ahead of future competition. I see this as a reason to work harder, rather than giving up in the face of adversity. The season isn’t over yet!”

LHS’s Megan Korniak, who is also a Captain for the Women’s Track team said she is still working hard and that the team has made so much progress over the last few months.

“Now there is a lot more individual accountability to stay in shape,” Korniak added, “I personally have been doing home workouts and going on runs in public parks to stay active. We are still close as a team and love to send timer pictures of our workouts to keep spirits high!”

We would like to encourage the Loveland community to stay active and stay safe! If you aren’t sure what activities you can do to stay active check out our weekly “What are LHS Athletes Doing to Stay in Shape?” for tips! Stay tuned!