Milford, Ohio – “Life lesson for Delaney today,” is how her mom Gina Rohdenburg explains the thoughtfulness of her six-year-old daughter Delaney, a Loveland student.

Photos by Gina Rohdenburg

The two found a lot of cash on the ground at Home Depot. “Yes, $420 on the ground,” Gina said. Mom and daughter went to the car, counted it and Gina asked Delaney what they should do.

They decided to go to the help desk and tell them they found money. Gina gave them her name and number and asked them if anyone calls to ask them how much they lost. She also asked them not to give out her number, but for Home Depot to call her.

Gina received a call about two hours later and the store indeed received a call and the man on the other end of the phone knew it was $100’s and 50’s but didn’t know the exact amount.

“He knew enough,” Gina said. “I told them we would bring it back as soon as we could.”

When Gina and Delaney arrived at the store, the woman at Home Depot told them the man was “so grateful” that they were giving it back. “I explained it was a good lesson for my daughter to always do the right thing,” said Gina.

“She then told my daughter to go pick out anything from the Halloween section on them. Well done Home Depot in Milford! What a great way to show my daughter she did the right thing. We now have a dancing alien and she loves it,” said Gina.

When people began to ask Gina what they would name the alien, she suggested, “Depot or Dinero.”

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