This is an “Open Letter” to Loveland City Manager Dave Kennedy by Loveland resident, Lisa Freeman.

Mr. Kennedy,

As a resident of Loveland for the last 12 years, I sincerely hope you will stop the demolition of city hall.

I have attended many city council meetings over the years and am particularly dismayed at the lack of transparency of this council on this particular issue. 

Additionally, there seems to be a push by the majority of the council toward large scale development. While I am not opposed to development in and of itself, I am concerned about the way the council seems to be ignoring the residents of Loveland who merely want input into this issue. 

Furthermore, I am appalled that the mayor of Loveland is still the mayor of Loveland!!  This man needs to step down, resolve his legal issues in North College Hill, make full disclosure to the citizens of Loveland regarding the resolution of his legal trouble and then we’ll see about putting him back in the position of mayor. It seems we may have a very dishonest person leading our community.

Please use your position as City Manager to actually manage the business of the city and put a halt to the destruction of city hall. 

Thank you,

Lisa Freeman



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