David Miller (Loveland Magazine), Bonnie McNett (Whistle Stop Clay Works), Amy Van Strein (NEST), CeeCee Collins (Little Miami River Chamber Alliance), and Matt Van Sant (Clermont County Chamber of Commerce) were recognized by the Loveland Business Advisory Council and received “Certificates of Thanks”.


Claire Beseler is a Loveland High School Junior and Intern at Loveland Magazine. She is an award winning film maker and photographer.

by Claire Beseler

Loveland, Ohio – On Tuesday, February 18, the Loveland City School District (LCSD) Board of Education held its monthly business meeting at the Loveland Middle/Intermediate School Media Center.

During a report to the Board,  and representing the Loveland Business Advisory Council (LCSD), Career and College Counselor Drews Mitchell, presented a “Certificate of Thanks” to several local businesses.

LCSD Business Advisory Council’s (BAC) established goal for is to “find ways to bring opportunities to our students to address the needs presented by our speakers from industry and higher education last year.” They complete this goal by offering special experiences to high school students such as accounting career day, Junior Achievement panel discussions, and internship and career shadowing.

For the past year, internship opportunities have been available for high school seniors to shadow professional, local, businesses. A wide variety of subject area is offered, such as health science, interior design, advising, advanced manufacturing, business management, music and video production, marketing for events, journalism, public service, nonprofit management, real estate, and creative tactical arts, which gives students many opportunities to pursue their preferred job path or to just gain experience from professionals.

Local businesses were recognized with a certificate for being part of the program last year and this upcoming year. Recognized organizations included Beacon Orthopedics, Bond Furniture, Clermont County Chamber of Commerce, FESTO, First Star Logistics, Lifeboat Digital Media, Little Miami River Chamber Alliance, Loveland Magazine, Miami Township Fire & EMS, NEST, Real Link, and Whistle Stop Clayworks.

Publisher David Miller accepted the certificate on behalf of Loveland Magazine. The local newspaper first brought interns onboard in 2009 when Ricky Mulvey began reporting sports as an eighth-grader. Mulvey worked for the newspaper for 5 years and altogether there have been eight Loveland students with roles within the newspaper.

Miller recently signed up for the Loveland Business Advisory Council program so the students could receive more benefits such as high school credit for their internship experiences and provide the students with a more formal way to add to their college and career resume. Loveland Magazine provides internship and career shadowing.

Miller said that he thanks the District for the recognition and LHS Principal Peggy Johnson who signed the certificate. “Our interns have always provided invaluable content for the newspaper with their writing or video production but I have also learned to value their judgment about fairness and the ethics of reporting news.” He added that the young men and women have lowered the demographics of Loveland Magazine’s readership by decades. “The best thing though is the reward I receive when they proudly announce to me the college and programs they got into or when they come to me and pitch a new topic they want to report on or investigate. I believe most in the community don’t realize how eager high school students are to tell a larger audience about their passions, dreams, and the things they believe will make the country and world a better place. I suspected it so, but to experience it first hand is unbelievably fortunate for me.”

For more information about the Loveland Business Advisory Council and how you or your business might become involved in their programs, contact Drews Mitchel at Loveland High School.

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