Innovative Instructional Coach Traci Stubenrauch, JUST BECAUSE GRANTS Founder Dawn Funk, Innovative Instructional Coach Susan Craig and Innovative Instructional Coach Laura Holtkamp as Funk presented the August 2017 $1,000 grant.


Loveland, Ohio – Every day teachers go above and beyond for our students. Now – every month teachers will have some special support to do those “extras.” The Loveland City School District is thrilled to partner with Loveland nonprofit agency JUST BECAUSE GRANTS to provide grant opportunities for teachers in the district.

$1,000 in grants available every month to district teachers by Loveland nonprofit agency

“JUST BECAUSE GRANTS is a reality because of a Loveland family that believes in making dreams come true – for our teachers and ultimately for our students,” said Loveland Interim Superintendent Dr. Amy Crouse. “They want to support teachers to do caring, wonderful things for our students. Things that they want to do and don’t necessarily have to do. They want to award grants to teachers who choose to do incredible things for our kids with money out of their own pockets. I was nearly speechless when their first approached me – now, I really can’t thank them enough.”

JUST BECAUSE GRANTS will award up to $1,000 a month to Loveland teachers who apply through a very simple e-mail process. Grants were announced to teachers at the beginning of September, with the Innovative Instructional Coaches receiving a surprise grant to kick the process off in August.

“I asked for the Innovative Instructional Coaches to be the first recipients,” said Dr. Crouse. “They take care of our teachers with constant professional development which has direct and immediate positive impact on classroom instruction. The team was thrilled!”

Look for future stories of grant winners as the school year progresses.

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