Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland Art Craw will be Saturday, June 22 from 4 until 9 PM.

Here are Highlights from the organizers:

• OHIO PLEIN AIR SOCIETY: We’re hosting the Ohio Plein Air Society for the first time, which means plein air artists from around Ohio will be hanging around the Loveland area painting various Loveland scenes outside from June 21-22. On Saturday, June 22, they’ll be showing/selling their artwork fresh from their easels beginning at 4 PM at the Loveland Art Studios on Main (or somewhere around the downtown Loveland area).

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 9.17.35 AM.png OHIO PLEIN AIR SOCIETY

In addition, this year at LASM we are proud to be hosting Artists from the Ohio Plein Air Society (OPAS), which was established in August 2002. OPAS is at the forefront of the resurgent plein air  movement in the US.

• FROGMAN T-SHIRTS: Thanks to some cool artwork by fine artist Tom Post, we’ll be incorporating the legendary Loveland Frogman into our event by selling LAGC promo FROGMAN t-shirts ($20 each). Who knew it was a “thing,” right? They will be available on the day of the Art Crawl at the Loveland Studios on Main. Any leftover shirts from the Art Crawl will be sold at Frogman events such as the upcoming Return of the Frogman Festival. Proceeds from the sale of the shirts support the Art League of Loveland, with a percentage going back to the artist.

Loveland Art Crawl_Frogman T-Shirt_FreshRags.jpgLoveland Frogman 3 tshirt.jpg

• CITY OF LOVELAND HOSTING THE LOVELAND WATERCOLOR GUILD: This year the City of Loveland is involved! They’ve opened a small gallery this year in their front foyer area, and they will be featuring the Loveland’s Watercolor Guild.
• 14 ART GALLERY VENUES/BUSINESS LOCATIONS: This year we’ve added Cappy’s Tap Room and Bottle Shop as a host venue, and they will be featuring the artist and organizers (David Jonathan and Stacey Lund) of the mural “Angels on the Trail,”

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