A photo illustration of what the White Pillars water tank might look like if the Loveland school logo is added.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been up-dated with important follow-up information:

City Hall jumped the gun in announcing Athletic Boosters will pay…

Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland Athletic Boosters, via President Jeff Williams has verbally agreed to fund $12,200.00 for the painting of the school logo on the elevated water storage tanks located in the Loveland Commerce Park and the White Pillars subdivision. The proposal is on the Tuesday, June 26 Council meeting agenda.

Gooter Logo
The City of Loveland logo

The tanks at the Commerce Park and White Pillars will soon undergo routine maintenance and an exterior overcoat. As part of the project, the new City logo may be painted on one side of each tank with the Loveland City School District logo on the opposite side.


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  1. The photo accompanying this story makes it appear as though the houses are on Loveland City School District property. What if their children attend private schools?

  2. I vote no, use the money to fix up the middle school field or to help families that have a hard time paying for kids sports, that money could be used in a much better way than a Logo on a water tower!!!

  3. The White Pillars water tower sorely needs painting. What an eye sore! However, LOVELAND Schools must have tax payer’s money to burn. I vote No
    Logo and No on the next school levy.

    • Loveland Athletic Boosters is NOT tax money. They raise funds through many different fund raisers & membership. They put a lot of that money back into the school sport programs. I’m not even involved with the boosters, but please don’t confuse people on what tax money is used for. Our school is one of the best in the area with so much opportunity for our kids and that does come from the community support & tax money. Move to one of the school districts who aren’t supported by the community & has a lower tax levy if you want to pay less. Don’t mess with the great opportunity Loveland kids get to have a great future. My guess is you have no kids in the school anyway. ABSOLUTE YES on a renewal for our schools. I would expect an explanation behind any increase, but I would even consider that. How did painting a water tower turn into a political campaign against school tax levy anyway?

  4. I’m fine if you want to put it on a water tower in an industrial or commercial area but don’t put it on a water tower in a residential neighborhood. We all know where we live and don’t need words and logos making the water tower an even bigger eyesore than it already is. If you want to spend money, invest it in scholarships, music/art programs, upgrading school facilities, etc. This is simply as waste…

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