Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland Bike Trail Crossing in Historic Downtown at West Loveland Avenue will be closed to accommodate construction for 24 hours commencing Thursday, Aug 2 at 10 AM.

From 10 AM – 4 PM, vehicular traffic on West Loveland Ave. will be flagged while one lane is closed.

New signalization is being installed at the crossing which will enable users of the trail to alert vehicles that they wish to enter the intersection.

Paxton’s Grill

  Relaxed atmosphere and friendly service welcomes you back time and time again! Located in the heart of the Historic Loveland District Just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.


  1. To the person who wrote the post below this one: I see what you did there! Funny.
    Though your question is rhetorical, I’ll play along.

    “Signalization” is a legitimate word, though not the best choice; we can infer that the intended meaning is “signal actuation (or, if you prefer, activation)”.

    Since these errors bother you so much, please use other sources of local news rather than leaving anonymous, mean comments on this FREE site – or, even better, offer your pro bono copy editing and proofreading expertise Loveland Magazine’s publisher!

  2. Loveland, land of the brave, home of the free, to buy anything. They will not give water to a thirsty outsider for fear of contagion of ignorance, be in your blizz little town, in the land where time was forgotten and nothing is forgiven.

    • The Swamp Thing – Do you have specific examples, or are you just exhibiting a flair for the dramatic?

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