Loveland, Ohio – Dr. Kathy Lorenz told Loveland Magazine this morning, “At our board meeting last evening, after extensive discussion about the current financial situation of the school district and the options available for additional funding for the district, there were three resolutions passed.” All are requests for certification from the county auditor regarding tax dollar amounts to be collected from operating levies of varying millages. The three were 4.2 mills, 4.9 mills, and 6.5 mills.

The Hamilton County Auditor will report to the Board the projected revenues for each of the three levy amounts.

Eileen Washburn voted against sending the 4.2 mill request to the Auditor but voted “Yes” on the other two resolutions. The other members voted to send all three resolutions to the Auditor.

Passing the resolutions is the first step in the process of putting a levy on the May 2nd ballot. Only one will potentially be chosen and then a second resolution would be required to put the question before voters.

Lorenz said that the board would meet again on January 31 and consider whether to pass a resolution to place a levy on the May ballot and determine what millage rate it would have.

A 4.9 mill operating levy request was rejected by District voters last November by a 7,114-6,648 margin.

The District will hold a Town Hall Meeting this Monday, January 23, at 6 PM in the Media Center at Loveland Intermediate School. The purpose of this Town Hall is “for district leaders to hear from our Loveland City Schools community about issues facing the school district, including the financial future of Loveland City Schools.” 

The Town Hall will include Superintendent Mike Broadwater, Treasurer Rob Giuffre’ and two members of the Board of Education.

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