Council members refuse to comment on next Mayor reinstating tradition of getting married at City Hall

[quote_box_left]Although the city’s unusual name came from the last name of the village storeowner and postmaster, rather than the concept, Loveland has incorporated a “love” theme throughout the city. Loveland water towers and park signs sport the city’s logo: a red heart inscribed with a sun, clouds, and the Little Miami River, and surrounded with the city’s nickname, “Sweetheart of Ohio.” The Loveland Post Office, which began operations on October 24, 1831, as the Obionsville Post Office, was also the site of the United States Postal Service’s unveiling of a special “Love Stamp” in 1994. Each year since 1972, the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce has run a special Valentine’s Day program, which includes a poetry contest and the selection of a volunteer “Valentine Lady”. The Valentine Lady helps stamp up to 20,000 envelopes by hand with a Valentine-themed cachet and cancellation that reads “There is nothing in this world so sweet as Love.” The first Valentine Lady was Doris Pfiester.

As of 1992, Valentine’s Day is the only day of the year when non-residents may reserve Loveland City Hall for marriage ceremonies, other than for senior citizens. (Source: Wikipedia)[/quote_box_left]Loveland, Ohio – Last June the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, thereby making same-sex marriage legal. Loveland mayors have the legal authority, but not a legal obligation, to perform civil ceremonies.

Loveland promotes itself as the “Sweetheart of Ohio” and is known throughout the country and beyond because of the Valentine Day promotions by the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce with the theme, “There is nothing in this world so sweet as love”.

Current Mayor, Linda Cox has the authority to solemnize marriages. She previously performed many weddings in her capacity as Mayor of Loveland, however stopped marrying any couples during the period when the Supreme Court decision was pending.

Cox said last June, “I officially had the Clerk, Misty Cheshire, not schedule any wedding ceremonies for me to perform since the end of Feb. and I do not intend to perform any wedding ceremonies in the future.”


Loveland could have a new mayor on December 7

On December 7, Council members will decide among themselves who will be the city’s mayor for the next two-years. Before that vote, Kathy Baily will take the oath for her first term on council. Angie Settle and Mark Fitzgerald have been re-elected. They will join current members, Linda Cox, Rob Weisgerber, Pam Gross, and Ted Phelps to nominate and elect a new mayor and vice-mayor.[quote_box_right]FROM THE RECENT OBITUARY OF FORMER MAYOR, DONNA LAJCAK:   She was elected to serve with the City Council of Loveland, ultimately being elected to Mayor in 1999. Known as “The Marrying Mayor”, she married more than 100 couples from across the nation and from 17 countries around the world, including China, Italy, Poland, and Venezuela.[/quote_box_right]

On November 16, Loveland Magazine asked current and new council members, “If elected to serve as mayor, will you resume the practice of performing marriages that has been abandoned by Mayor Cox? If so, will you perform marriage ceremonies for same sex couples?”

Only Kathy Bailey responded. She said, “I won’t be mayor, so I’ll not be providing a response.”

On November 19, Loveland Magazine asked the group two further questions:

Will you vote for a councilperson to be Mayor that will not perform marriage ceremonies?

Will you vote for a councilperson to be Mayor that will not perform marriage ceremonies for same sex couples?

There has been no response.


This LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video is perhaps the last wedding Mayor Linda Cox performed – The 2015 Valentine Day Wedding of Robyn Cooper and Kyle Konze.




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